LIFETIME GUARANTEE on repairs exclusively for performance maintenance club members

You’ll receive tremendous discounts on new parts and priority service during non-standard and holiday hours.

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The ‘Always Sunny’ maintenance club is an exclusive Sunshine State Heating and Air Conditioning program where our clients can expect the highest level of care. Membership includes many benefits for a very low annual cost.

We’re excited for you to join the Always Sunny family!

Tremendous Benefits

With an A/C maintenance plan you can lower your utility bills, extend the life of your equipment, reduce the frequency of repairs and breakdowns, improve system reliability, increase heating & cooling capacity, and receive emergency services during regular hours.

Clean evaporator coils
Clean condenser coils
Change and replace filters
Tighten all electrical equipment
Clean condensate line and drain pan
Check capacitors for correct microfarads
Check amp draw on electrical heating coils
Check temperature split across evaporator coils
Check amp & voltage draw on all motors & compressors
Check system pressures and freon levels in cooling mode & heat mode
Lubricate all motors, compressors, moving parts & copper fittings

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