Duct Cleaning

We clean, install, and repair all A/C Duct Work in residential and commercial systems

Paired with an IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) product, clean air ducts will give you the best quality air possible. Over time, bacteria and other chemicals can build up in the lining of your ducts and emit odor and allergens. Call us today to schedule a cleaning!

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Air duct cleaning and sanitizing are crucial steps in controlling the quality of air that circulates in your home. Over time, various bacteria and mold can build up in your duct system. These bacteria and mold spores are subsequently spread throughout your house and into your bedrooms via the central air system.

Protecting yourself from exposure to these elements is vital and occasional cleaning and fogging is one of the best things you can do for your duct work. We will physically clean the duct system by using a Rotobrush product to reach throughout the whole matrix of ducts and scrub the inside walls of those ducts.

Fogging is another step in ensuring your ducts are germ-free by passing a non-hazardous anti-bacterial agent through the ductwork that works to kill germs and seal micro abrasions in the duct lining. This will work to minimize odor and keep your air quality at the highest standard.

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