Why Choose Us?

You have many options when it comes to HVAC services, but we know you'll make the best decision by choosing us. Read on to learn why

Family Owned

We are a locally owned and family run business. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers and our family just the same. You can trust that your A/C will be taken care of when you call Sunshine State Heating & Air Conditioning.


We want to provide you with the best service and utmost professionalism in the heating and air conditioning industry. We promise to earn your trust and give you unparalleled service!


We’re committed to gaining your business for the long-haul. Our customer base continues to grow and we’re thriving with repeat business. We hope to make you a part of the family and keep you coming back.

Robert (Bobby) & Stephanie Barrow

Owners & Operators

We live where you live and we care about our community! 

Our success and the reputation of our business is directly proportional to your satisfaction. Thus, we have unlimited motivation to make your experience the best HVAC experience you’ve ever had.  

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is arguably the most complex system installed in a house and is a substantial component of the total house energy use. We use every method possible to increase efficiency of your new system so that your electric bill is reduced and your system lasts for the long-term. 

Finding a trustworthy contractor to install and service an air-conditioning system matters the most. That’s why we use industry tested techniques and have certified technicians leading the install of every new system.  Our installers will make sure your system is tuned to perfection to minimize noise, condensation, and run time.  
Our hiring and screening process seeks out the best in the industry. Our company has a commitment to continued training of our installers and service technicians. This commitment keeps our staff up to date with the latest technologies and that knowledge and expertise is passed directly to our customers via our services.  
A quality installation matters most, and our people make the difference. That is the answer to the ‘Why Us?’ question.

Lead Technician | 5 years experience
Technician | 3 years experience
Technician | 2 years experience
Robert Barrow II
Lead Technician | 20 years experience
Technician | 2 years experience
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